Brake Replacement South Florida & Pompano Beach

In today's economy, many people are looking for ways to save their hard-earned cash. Some common things they may do include car pooling and shopping for cheaper car insurance. However, it is never a smart idea to neglect car repairs, especially when it involves your brakes. Whether you live in Margate, Coconut Creek, or Fort Lauderdale, maintaining your car brakes is essential not only to keep your vehicle running properly, but to keep you and others safe as well.

The Importance of Replacing Pads

Not being able to stop your car when you need to can be a serious problem, indeed. When you choose to ignore your car's brake system, not only do you risk getting into a bad accident, but you also place unnecessary strain on its calipers. Calipers squeeze your brake pads together, which stops the rotor.

However, if your pads are worn out, the calipers will need to work overtime to stop the rotor, wearing them out as well. Over some time, your rotor will become worn down so much that it will need replacing. While a rotor and drum resurfacing can help in this situation, maintaining new pads is a much cheaper route to take.

How to Tell When Your Braking System Needs Work

There are two common ways that you can tell when your car's braking system needs work. First of all, if you hear a muffled squealing, this typically means that the pads are beginning to wear down. Secondly, if there is a loud squealing noise, this usually means that the rotors are pressing together.

Here, at Dr. Brakes in Pompano Beach (also servicing Margate, Coconut Creek and Fort Lauderdale) we can help you with all of your braking system needs. Whether you need a complete brake replacement, new parking brakes, disc and drum service or an ABS diagnosis and repair, we can help. We can also replace or repair wheel cylinders, power boosters and master cylinders. Whatever you need, Dr. Brakes is the one to call.


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